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Old University of Louisville Medical School

The Old University of Louisville Medical School is 115 years old. Is it any wonder that ghosts are haunting this old medical institution?

Landmark Building

The Landmark Building was built in 1855 and is the home of several, jovial ghosts who enjoy laughing and making their presence known.

Haunted Downtown Locations

Do you visit downtown? What about attend the theater or dine downtown? Here are some of Louisville's famous addresses that have reported ghostly activity. This list is always growing and more reports of supernatural visitations are being documented daily. If you work or live downtown and think you have a ghost in your home or office, Mr. Ghost Walker wants to hear from you! Please email him at LouGhstWalks@aol.com and share your story.

Some of the haunted locations include:

Actor's Theater
The Belle of Louisville
The Brennan House
The Brown Hotel
The Brown Theater
The Haunted Holiday Inn
The Henry Vogt Mansion on Broadway
The House of Pain & Suffering on Fifth Street
Jefferson Community College
Joe Ley's Antiques
Louisville Palace Theater
The Monsarrat Apartments
Old Shackleton's Music Store
Landmark Building - Old University of Louisville Medical School
The Old City Jail
The Seelbach Hotel

Haunted Pub Walk

Join Mr. Ghost Walker on a Haunted Pub Walk of downtown Louisville. Invite your friends for a private party and enjoy adult beverages at three of Louisville's historic bars.

The tour departs from the Brown Hotel and will conclude at the Seelbach. Hear the spine tingling stories told as well as an opportunity to view photographs and hear personal accounts from Mr. Ghost Walker's investigations. Draw your own conclusions as to what ghost placed their cold, boney hands on Mr. Ghost Walker's shoulders late one night? What spirit is still haunting the second floor of the old JCC Building on Broadway?

We'll visit these three bars for adult beverages:
The Brown Hotel
Theater Square Market
Seelbach Hotel

Here's what you need to know to schedule your private party tour:

Minimum requirement of at least six or more people.
Admission cost will be $25 per person.
Allow for at least two hours or longer to complete the tour.
All walkers assume financial responsibility for the cost of all alcoholic beverages.

A charge of one paid adult admission of $25.00  will reserve your night when booking  your Haunted Pub Walk event.

The balance will be due on the night of your walk. Cash, company check, or  a personal check are acceptable forms of payment. You can charge/debit the balance prior to the night of the walk.

Need more info? Call Mr. Ghost Walker at 502-689-5117 or email at LouGhstWalks@aol.com

Five beautiful ladies enjoying the first Haunted Pub Walk at the Brown Hotel bar.

Even Mr. Brown's statue can't resist a little romantic attention from the girls.

We're not afraid of ghosts at the Seelbach Hotel! October 2007.

Sorry, due to the nature of this tour, no previous discounts, promotions, or specials are valid on the Haunted Pub Walk. Thank you.

Effective, May 2010.

Ghost Pictures, Images and Photos

Louisville, KY

Downtown Louisville, KY

JCC Fireplace

JCC Fireplace

There is an inscription over the fireplace at the main building on the JCC campus in downtown Louisville. That inscription reads: James Rankin Barret in loving memory of his wife Lucy Stites Barret erected this building. Is James' wife Lucy still earthbound by this loving tribute? Does she return to this special location because of the love she once knew here? Will it be possible to glimpse this ghostly figure for yourself? Or does Lucy hide behind that invisible curtain of time, watching us and wondering why we were intruding in her favorite place.

Brennan House Cradle

Brennen House Cradle

Upstairs in a simple nursery is a cradle that belonged to baby Napoleon Brennan, the youngest of the Brennan family. The nursery is adjacent to the master bedroom that was shared by Mr. and Mrs. Brennan. A guide had a startling experience late one afternoon concerning this cradle. An experience he hasn't forgotten. On the tour, you'll find out more about the cold, ghostly hands that tend to 'rock' the cradle!

Brennan House

The Brennan House is a three story Victorian home built in 1868 on 5th Street. In 1884, the Brennans moved to Louisville and paid $12,000 for the property. Mr. and Mrs. Brennan had eight children, and some of the children lived their entire lives in this home. Apparently, the family cared deeply for this property in life, and even in death have refused to leave. Apparitions have made their presence known in several rooms of the house, such as the first floor parlor, the main hallway, in the medical office of Dr. John, and on the third floor children's play room. On the tour, you can have the opportunity to look at the mansion where the past is so perfectly preserved, and wonder for yourself, if somehow the Brennans are watching you.

Belle of Louisville

The Belle of Louisville

The steamboat that Louisvillians know as the Belle of Louisville wasn't always the delightful excursion boat that we associate with today. Before she became the Belle this historic steamboat had other uses and other names. It has a long history, going back to construction in 1914, when it was named the Idelwild. In 1948, the name was changed to the Avalon, upon the untimely death of Captain Winters who made that request upon his deathbed. In 1963, the name was changed to the Belle of Louisville. Today, there are those who wonder if Captain Winters ever left the steamboat. They wonder if he haunts the Belle of Louisville, thinking it is still his beloved Avalon. The Belle of Louisville disclaims all reports of paranormal activity, but those of us who have had experiences believe otherwise. We like going back to see who or what might join us on another visit to The Belle.

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