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2nd Step Shoes

962 Baxter Avenue
Louisville, KY 40204
Specializing in high quality, name brand shoes and shoe repair.

The Irish Rover

In Ireland — where they've raised community and relaxation to an art form — the pub is the social center. It's a place to meet family, friends, or business associates, catch up on news, debate politics, share a joke. It is a place of character and cadence rather than impersonal efficiency.

At The Irish Rover, we've tried to recreate this idea. We can't build a smoky peat fire in the grate, but our recipes are authentic, the Guinness is shipped from Dublin, and the owner's brogue comes direct from County Clare.

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Karen's Book Barn and Java Stop

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Discover Downtown La Grange

It starts as a low rumble. Then, the bells. Next, vibrations. Most first-time visitors to historic downtown LaGrange are astounded as a freight train rolls through town. Yes, a train runs through it – right down the center of Main Street. Up to 30 trains a day come through this county seat of Oldham County, Kentucky, much to the delight of locals and tourists a like.

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Newport Historical Walking Tour

Before there was Las Vegas... there was Newport, Kentucky.

Rising from the profits of bootlegging, Newport would quickly grow to become the premier gaming destination in the US. Walk the streets where gangsters made their millions, gamblers lost their lives, and ladies of the night earned their living. See the buildings that housed casinos, brothels, and speakeasies. Explore Newport's connection to some of the most well known crime figures in our country's history, and discover the individuals who gave the town its infamous reputation.

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Pool Party Express

A great way to cerebrate your birthday or any special event!

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Ghost Research Society

Dale Kaczmarek author of "Windy City Ghosts", "Windy City Ghosts II", "A Field Guide to Spirit Photography", "Illuminating the Darkness: The Mystery of Spooklights" and "Field Guide to Ghost Hunting Techniques".

Ghost Research Society

Homepage of the Ghost Research Society Press; publishing books on paranormal and mysterious phenomena since 2004.

Ghost Research Society & Excursions Into The Unknown

PO Box 205
Oak Lawn, IL. 60454-0205
(708) 425-5163

Ghost Research Society Tours

Dale Kaczmarek author of "Windy City Ghosts", "Windy City Ghosts II" and other titles, with Mr. Ghost Walker after a tour in June, 2009.

Now with over six thousand graveyard images

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Spirits of '76

One Part History, Two Parts Haunt!™

Visit more than 20 scary sites to hear Philadelphia's haunted facts and folklore. Experience Philadelphia's monuments by moonlight. Travel the cobblestone streets of Old City to hear chilling stories about the Spirits of '76.

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