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Books sale for $15.00 each and that includes shipping and handling. Louisville Ghost Walks accepts Visa, Master Card, and Discover for the
purchase of books. Orders can be taken via the phone at 502-689-5117 or by email at

Books can be autographed or dedicated as per the customer's request. Any questions, please ask. Purchase your copies today and books make a perfect birthday or Christmas present!

Haunted Louisville Books

Haunted Louisville Book! The new book from Whitechapel Press and author Robert Parker --- Haunted Louisville -- will be available to order starting next week! We have the cover up on the website right now and soon, you’ll be able to order copies of this book, which contains hauntings from Louisville that have never appeared in print before! Many of our readers know Robert as the creator and host of the acclaimed Louisville Ghost Walks in downtown Louisville and in this his first book; he brings the tour to life and reveals ghosts and hauntings from the Palace Theater, Seelbach Hotel, Brennan House and many other sites that you have never been able to read about it before. There’s a little more information in this newsletter but keep an eye on the website at and on your inbox next week for information on how to order your copy of this new book!

The new book from Whitechapel Press and the first book from Robert Parker (Mr. Ghost Walker himself) will be available to order starting next week! Watch the website and your mailbox for details but here is more information about this new title:

Meet the Ghosts of Downtown Louisville Face-to-Face!

Louisville, Kentucky has long been regarded as one of the most haunted cities in America with dark tales of haunted theaters, hospitals, hotels and crumbling mansions. For the first time, Robert Parker, creator of the Louisville Ghost Walks, brings many of those stories to life in the pages of this chilling book. In his first volume of strange stories, the author enthralls the reader with stories that have never appeared in print before, including tales from haunted corridors of the Brown Hotel, the decks of the famed Belle of Louisville, the upper floors of the Brennan House, the confines of the Palace Theater, the former cells of the Old City Jail and many other spots! Want to know why Louisville has gained such a reputation for being haunted? Then look no further than the pages of “Haunted Louisville”. This is a must-have book for every ghost hunter, no matter what part of the country they are from!

On Sale Now! Haunted Louisville by Robert W. Parker

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Robert Walker at the Kentucky Book Fair
Robert Parker, author of Haunted Louisville, at the Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort, November 2007.

Book 2: Haunted Louisville 2: Beyond Downtown -- More History & Hauntings of the Derby City (2010)

In his first book on the hauntings of Louisville, Kentucky, Robert Parker explored the ghosts and spirits of the city for the very first time. Now, in this chilling sequel, he takes readers into places where the bright lights of the downtown district cast long shadows. Travel along some of some of Kentucky’s rural back roads and explore some of the quaint, bed and breakfast inns with resident ghost that just make keep you from enjoying a restful night. Dine at the restaurants where not all of the customers are of this world. Looking to be entertained? So are the ghosts! Let the author take you to a few ghostly venues where among the applause and laughter, the moans and cries of the dead might also be heard. This is another enthralling book, filled with accounts that have never appeared in print before from such spirited locations as John E’s Restaurant, Doe Run Inn, Brown Hotel, Poet’s House Bed and Breakfast, Louisville Gardens, Smyrna Inn, Dillon’s Steakhouse, the Landmark Building, Jailhouse Pizza and many other places. Some of the haunted locations include:

* John E's Restaurant
* The Rose Bowl
* Doe Run Inn's Ghostly Guests
* Poor Farm of Scottsburg, Indiana
* Food and "Spirits" in the Bluegrass Bistro
* More Hauntings at the Brown Hotel
* Louisville Antique Mall
* Poet's House Bed and Breakfast
* Louisville Gardens
* Smyrna Inn
* Starks Building
* St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School
* Dillon's Steakhouse
* The Landmark Building Troubling Sounds
* Old University of Louisville Medical School
* Jailhouse Pizza in Brandenburg
* And More!

Book Reviews

The book is a gem.
Nice work Robert. Louisville should be big time pleased with what you've done. Bill, St. Louis, MO

I have learned a lot from the book and I will never view the Belle of Louisville the same. Grinda, Louisville, KY

...and by the way, your book is awesome! I have been to so many of those places and it never occurred to me that their history might include incidents such as those. Joe, Oldham County, KY.

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your book!!!!! S. Johnson, Louisville, KY

Dear Mr. Parker,
I have read your book, Haunted Louisville, and found it very fascinating. I'm an avid book lover, especially about Louisville.
Marvin, 2009
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