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What Guests Are Saying - Lori C., Mt. Sterling, KY, 2007

My husband and I have taken ghost tours of many cities around the world and found yours to be one of the best! Thanks for a great time!

Lori C., Mt. Sterling, KY

What Guests Are Saying - Megan, Louisville, KY, 2007

I recently went on one of your ghost tours, needless to say, I had a great time! I remembered your storytelling the most. You seemed real enthusiastic and the way you told the stories was creative.

Megan, Louisville, KY

What Guests Are Saying - Bill, Chicago, 2007

Bill Karlovic and Karen here. (Brandy Garlands' Father) Brandy mentioned that you used the pic I took for your web sight. Cool, I am glad you liked it. Wish I had some spirits peeking out of the Brennan house, God knows I took enough of them. We really enjoyed your tour and the extra care you took of us. Thank you.

Bill, Chicago

What Guests Are Saying - Stephanie, Washington State, 2007

Thanks again so much for being such an excellent host for our ghost group! We had such a great time and you went above and beyond spending time with us and showing us around, we really appreciated it.

Your tour was EXCELLENT! One of the best I have been on (of course), and like you, I am a ghost tour aficionado so that’s a great compliment! I hope that you make it up to Seattle someday soon, we’d love to pay back your wonderful hospitality

Best regards,

Stephanie, Washington State, 2007

What Guests Are Saying - Honeybee, Louisville, KY, July 2007

We had such a good time on the Ghost Tour! Mr. Ghostwalker's storytelling was very impressive! We also loved the fact that he was willing to stay after the tour to take us through the Seelbach Hotel in addition to all the interesting places along the tour. We will definitely spread the word!

Honeybee, Louisville, KY, July 2007

What Guests Are Saying - Shelia, Lawrenceburg, KY, July 2007

Hi! We went on the walk last night and really enjoyed ourselves. I loved the way you presented your stories! I have to tell you what happened after we said our goodbyes! We drove back by the Brennan House, which was my favorite stop along the way. :) Well, we got out to snap a few evening pictures of the home. While doing so, my daughter and I thought we saw something "moving" in the upstairs window, above where you told us the living room was (the far left window). We just watched that room, as Donnie snapped some pictures. This is where is gets odd...all at once I saw a bright white light go across the room, from left to right and then out of sight. I told the others that I had just seen something (wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me). That is when my daughter said, "a white light?" I told her that is exactly what I saw!! Her saying this verified that my eyes were NOT playing tricks on me. I saw the light two times in the few minutes we were standing there and my daughter saw it on our arrival to the house while she was still in the car. When we looked at Donnie's pictures, he caught what we saw!!! He didn't see it in the viewfinder when he took the picture or intend to catch it, but he caught what we saw. We will forward the picture to you for your review and you tell us what you think it is! I must say, after we left you last night, it was dark and this light was very, very bright and IN the room. Donnie's photo catches it outside of the room, but by the window, which is interesting. Is there anyone in the home in the evenings? A caretaker? We are interested to know this. Anyway, we wanted to share this with you and get your thoughts. Has anyone else commented on seeing anything like this? It was really something to see and we didn't know what to say, but WOW! Thanks for the enjoyable evening and look forward to hearing from you.

Shelia, Lawrenceburg, KY, July 2007

What Guests Are Saying - Ellen, Louisville, Kentucky

Kelly and I really enjoyed your ghost tour on Friday. Storytelling is such an art form. You have it mastered with depth of knowledge, a touch of drama and places of interest to explore. Since I work downtown, I love hearing about these historic structures. My husband was very thoughtful to arrange such an intriguing night on the "town."

Kind regards,

Ellen, Louisville, Kentucky

What Guests Are Saying - Steve, Dayton, Ohio August 2006

Hi Robert,
I was one of the Steve's on your Ghost Walk Saturday night and you asked me to forward the photos that I had taken. There are a few with "orbs" appearing in them. Thanks for the great tour Saturday. It was very well done and we enjoyed it.

Steve, Dayton, Ohio August 2006

What Guests Are Saying - Kathy, Louisville, Kentucky August 2006

"Mr. Ghost Walker",

Thank you for an interesting and very informative stroll through the streets of downtown Louisville this past Friday evening. Your research, knowledge and delivery were superb. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Kathy, Louisville, Kentucky August 2006

What Guests Are Saying - Ryan and Amanda, May 2010

Dear Mr. Ghost Walker,

We were on your tour last Friday (the first one of the season I believe!) and we just wanted to send you an email and say thank you again. We LOVED the tour and will be recommending it to any friends who visit Louisville!! Your stories were very well-researched and you have an excellent presentation. Thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely be using some of your material with my junior highers at the church!

Ryan and Amanda

P.S. Hope you get another Mr. Brown appearance on a tour this year!

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